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Assessment of IP-based ApplicationsAssessment of IP-based Applications

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The group Assessment of IP-based Applications (AIPA) focuses on multimedia systems, multimodal perception and user-perceived quality (Quality of Experience, QoE).

To assess the relation between multimedia technology, and user perception and experience, AIPA develops novel assessment methods and models, considering services such as Voice over IP, Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), 3D video, multi-party conferencing, spatial audio reproduction, and Web-based services.

More detailed information about our work you can find here Research topics.



A new book has been published, "Quality of Experience", where the co-editor is Alexander Raake and many members of AIPA group are chapter co-authors. The book:

  • develops and applies the definition of Quality of Experience in telecommunication services
  • includes examples and guidelines for many fields of applications
  • is written and edited by known experts in the field
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