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Research Topics

Our research focus is on the assessment of IP-based multimedia applications and services. The related work can be grouped into four general topics:

  • Audio & Speech Assessment
  • Video Assessment
  • Evaluation of Quality of Experience (QoE)

Audio & Speech Assessment

In this field we investigate the assessment of services and applications with audio and speech signals as the main modality. Auditory perception, human-human communication as well as technical system properties are in the focus of this work.

The projects cover the following specific research topics:

  • Audio/Speech Transmission Evaluation
  • Audio Reproduction Evaluation
  • Speech interaction
  • Speech intelligibility & quality
  • Voice over IP quality perception & modelling
  • Audio Conferencing quality perception & modelling

More informationen is available here:

Current projects

Completed projects


Video Assessment

The research focus of this group is the development of video quality algorithms to estimate the perceived quality as assessed by human viewers. The application areas include IP-based video streaming or broadcast services such as video on demand (VoD), Web video (e.g., Youtube), IPTV, and mobile TV.

Areas of interest include:

  • Video quality perception & modeling
  • No-reference IPTV quality monitoring
  • 3D quality perception & modeling
  • Quality perception tests
  • Quality impact of network error correction methods
  • Perceptually optimized video coding

More informationen is available here:

Current projects

Completed projects


Web and Networked Service Quality of Experience

The Networked Service QoE group focuses on the extension of the teams expertise on Quality of Experience evaluation and modeling into web-based and networked services. Thereby, we aim to extend our research beyond the perceptual level of QoE.

Current fields of research in Networked Service QoE are:

  • Web-QoE evaluation and modeling
  • QoE Acceptance and Business modeling (Readyness to pay)
  • QoE evaluation methods
  • User modeling
  • Quality of Appeal

More informationen is available here:

Current projects


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