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Quality of Service Business model


QoS Business model

The Research aims to analyze the effects of the quality of service parameters in the perception of the user in order to infer the degree of acceptance of a service based in his or her perception of the quality of the user resulting of his interaction with a service.

Our Goals are

  • Develop an accurate framework able to predict intention of acquisition of the service
  • Increase user satisfaction that is directly translated into increased revenues
  • Analyse the perception of Quality from user toward Communication systems to determine the acceptance.
  • Define which are the most relevant parameters to determine the quality of a service in the evaluation process of the users
  • Define the evaluation criteria that the users consider at the time of evaluating a technology and their relation with the technical parameters established in the service.

Expected outcome

  • Find the importance of the attributes of a service in it long term usage
  • Optimization of the attributes and resources of a service based in more complete criterion.
  • Estimate the profitability degree of the service in a mid and long term.
  • Estimate the importance of some attributes and their impact in the perception of the quality from the users.

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