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Alexander Raake switches to TU Ilmenau

Since July 1st 2015, Alexander Raake is a Full Professor of "Audiovisual Technology" at TU Ilmenau, Institute for Media Technology (http://www.tu-ilmenau.de/mt-avt/). The research work at the "Assessment of IP-based Applications" Lab at TU Berlin will be continued under Prof. Raake's lead, to finalize running research projects. Up to approximately mid-2017, the group can still supervise Bachelor's- and Master's thesis projects. However, starting with the Winter term 2015/16, no teaching will be offered by the group.

Book "Quality of Experience"


Take a look at the book "Quality of Experience", co-edited by Alexander Raake and many members of AIPA group are chapter co-authors. The book:

  • develops and applies the definition of Quality of Experience in telecommunication services
  • includes examples and guidelines for many fields of applications
  • is written and edited by known experts in the field

This book develops definitions and concepts related to Quality of Experience in the context of multimedia- and telecommunications-related applications, systems and services, and applies these to various fields of communication and media technologies. The editors bring together numerous key-protagonists of the new discipline “Quality of Experience” and combine the state-of-the-art knowledge in one single volume.

The book is available via Springer:

Springer site



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