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Deutsche Telekom Patent Award 2013

Thursday, 13. June 2013

AIPA-members, as part of the T-Labs’ T-V-model team, are the co-recipients of the 2013 Deutsche Telekom Patent Award for their work on audio-visual quality monitoring of media services and IPTV (Bonn, 23 May 2013).

New ITU-T standards

Monday, 08. April 2013

Under the Co-lead of the AIPA-group, six new standards have been issued by ITU-T: P.1201, P.1201.1, P.1201.2, P.1202, P.1202.1, and P.1202.2. The standards developed under the working titles P.NAMS and P.NBAMS describe different packet-header- and bitstream-based quality prediction algorithms for monitoring the audio, video and audiovisual quality of video streaming services. In particular, P.1201.2 and P.1202.1 contain significant portions of AIPA’s/T-Labs’ “T-V-model”.

ITU-T Recommendations by series: P series
Announcing consent of new P.1200 - series Recommendations

New ITU-T standards P.1201.1 and P.1201.2

Thursday, 18. October 2012

The audiovisual quality model “T-V-Model” (see T-V-Model++ project) won the ITU-T Q.14 P.NAMS Higher Resolution application and the ITU-T Q.14 P.NBAMS Mode 1 competition for Lower Resolution application. The models are standardized under the ITU-T P.1201.2 and ITU-T P.1202.1 Recommendations (Sept. 2012).


New ITU-T Standard P.1301

Monday, 06. August 2012

An authoring group led by AIPA (Janto Skowronek, Katrin Schoenenberg, Alexander Raake) wrote for the ITU-T workgroup Q12/18 (headed by Gunilla Berndtsson, Ericson and Janto Skowronek, AIPA) a standard and a supplementary document. Both are in force since July 14:

Recommendation P.1301 "Subjective quality evaluation of audio and audiovisual multiparty telemeetings"

Supplement 26 "Scenarios for the subjective quality evaluation of audio and audiovisual multiparty telemeeting"


Keynote lecture Packet Video Workshop 2012

Thursday, 10. May 2012

Measuring others' media experience
Alexander Raake, TU Berlin/T-Labs

Homepage Packet Video Workshop


Johann-Philipp-Reis Award

Wednesday, 23. November 2011

Alexander Raake awarded Johann-Philipp-Reis Preis 2011, see German press release of the TU Berlin.

Paper in IEEE Signal Processing Magazine

Best Paper Award

Wednesday, 12. October 2011

Savvas Argyropoulos was awarded the Best Paper Award in the QoMEX 2011 conference.

ITU-T Standardization

Friday, 30. September 2011

We had the honor to host an ITU-T standardization interim meeting for Questions Q14/12 and Q17/12. The meeting took place on 27th - 29th of September.

Best Paper Award

Tuesday, 18. May 2010

Marie-Neige Garcia was awarded the Best Paper Award in the ISSPA 2010 conference.


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