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Impairment-Factor-Based Audiovisual Quality Model for IPTV: Influence of Video Resolution, Degradation Type, and Content Type
Zitatschlüssel Garcia_2011_EurasipSIQoMex_AVQualityModelIPTV_published
Autor Garcia, Marie-Neige and Schleicher, Robert and Raake, Alexander
Seiten 1-14
Jahr 2011
ISSN 16875176
DOI doi:10.1155/2011/629284
Adresse New York, USA
Journal EURASIP Journal on Image and Video Processing
Monat mar
Notiz electronic
Verlag Hindawi
Wie herausgegeben full
Zusammenfassung This paper presents an audiovisual quality model for IPTV services. The model estimates the audiovisual quality of standard and high definition video as perceived by the user. The model is developed for applications such as network planning and packet-layer quality monitoring. It mainly covers audio and video compression artifacts and impairments due to packet loss. The quality tests conducted for model development demonstrate amutual influence of the perceived audio and video quality, and the predominance of the video quality for the overall audiovisual quality. The balance between audio quality and video quality, however, depends on the content, the video format, and the audio degradation type. The proposed model is based on impairment factors which quantify the quality-impact of the different degradations. The impairment factors are computed from parameters extracted from the bitstream or packet headers. For high definition video, the model predictions show a correlation with unknown subjective ratings of 95\%. For comparison, we have developed a more classical audiovisual quality model which is based on the audio and video qualities and their interaction. Both quality- and impairment-factor-based models are further refined by taking the contenttype into account. At last, the different model variants are compared with modeling approaches described in the literature.
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