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P.TCA exemplary listening material processing and validation
Zitatschlüssel PTCAexemplarylisteningmaterialprocessingandvalidationCOM12C105E
Autor Köster, Friedemann and Möller, Sebastian and Skowronek, Janto and Schiffner, Falk
Jahr 2013
Adresse Geneva
Nummer COM 12 – C 105 – E
Monat 3-12 December
Wie herausgegeben full
Institution International Telecommunication Union
Zusammenfassung In this contribution, we present the processing and the validation of exemplary listing material for the degradations covered by the P.TCA methodology. The processing was conducted with the help of two speech and signal processing tools. Seven experts subsequently annotated the speech files of a created database following the processing chain according to the draft instructions. The annotations are analysed with respect to their frequency and accuracy of the created exemplary listening material. The contribution is meant as an initial step, to show that the processing of exemplary listening material for the P.TCA methodology is generally possible and it allows further findings about the improvement of the P.TCA methodology.
Typ der Publikation ITU-T Contribution
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