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P.TCA GUI and na"ive annotators experiment
Zitatschlüssel P.TCAGUIandnaiveannotatorsexperiment0914
Autor Köster, Friedemann and Möller, Sebastian and Skowronek, Janto
Jahr 2014
Adresse Geneva
Nummer COM 12 – C 196 – E
Monat sep
Institution International Telecommunication Union
Zusammenfassung In this contribution, we present a graphical-user-interface for the annotation process of the P.TCA schema. Using available exemplary listening material, an annotation experiment following the P.TCA guidelines was conducted with na"ive listeners. The annotations are analysed with respect to their frequency and accuracy in comparison to expert listeners. Further findings about the improvement of the P.TCA methodology are presented.
Typ der Publikation ITU-T Contribution
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