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Quality Evalution of 3DTV

Motivation & Project description:
In the context of the evolution from terrestrial Standard Definition Television towards High Definition and now 3DTV, we are investigating users’ perception of 3D in a television context. This project attempts to define how 3D TV quality can be measured in subjective tests, and what potential advantages of 3D TV over 2D TV.

Our goals are:

  • The identification of perceptual differences to 2D TV and their implications on the relative quality
  • The identification of appropriate subjective 3D video evaluation methods
  • The identification of key characteristics & technological challenges relevant for quality
  • The consideration of the actual application scenario and context
  • The quantification of quality impact due to technology, displays and multimedia transmission
  • The quantification of the role of content for perceived quality and user needs
  • A first analysis of audiovisual aspects
  • A first qualitative weighting of effects for future modeling

Expected Outcome:

  • A better understanding of factors impacting on 3D TV quality
  • The clarification of an appropriate methodology for subjective testing.
  • The delimitation of the set of acceptable quality.

Time Frame: 

T-labs Team Members:
P. Lebreton, A. Raake,



Funding by:
Deutsche Telekom Laboratories
see publications of P. Lebreton and A. Raake

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